Tap Scalers* to get your projects executed on time!

Learn how to Tap vetted professionals (also known as Scalers) to get your projects executed


As a business owner (or an enterprise manager), you Submit Project requirements. You add your contact details & 'Project Description' in the form to execute project successfully.


Our proprietary algorithm (which ranks 3000+ registered Scalers with respect to demonstrated skills, experience, availability etc) selects right set of Scalers to work on the project.


A dedicated Client Partner gets in conversation with you to convert 'project requirements' into a 'Statement of Work' consisting of 'milestone specific deliverables' and a 'Project Plan'.


After 'Statement of Work' (SOW) is signed, the dedicated Client Partner will provide you progress report & periodic updates on project deliverables as per milestones in SOW


Once you 'sign off' on the deliverables (as per milestones in 'Statement of Work), a payment will be made by you towards satisfactory execution of the specific project deliverable(s).


At the end of the project, a mandatory 'Project Closure Report' is made to assess the success of the project, identify best practices, resolve all open issues, and formally close the project.