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What kind of Projects are posted on TapScalers Platform?

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Organizations Tap Scaler(s) from community of business experts (also known as 'Scalers) to execute projects primarily in areas of:

1) Company Valuation & Pitch Deck
2) Financial Projection & Analysis
3) Marketing Plan, Analysis and Research
4) Business Planning & Growth Areas
5) Market Collateral & Presentations
6) New Market Entry Plan & Execution
7) Performance Metrics & Benchmarks
8) Digital Marketing Advisory & Execution
9) Business,Finance & Marketing Operations
10) Data Analysis, Business Intelligence & Visualization


How Companies leverage TapScalers Platform ?

Our clients start leveraging the platform, by interacting with a 'Client Partner', assigned by TapScalers. The assigned Client Partner gathers business requirements from client's representative and then converts business requirements into 'Statement of Work (SOW)' within mutually agreed budget & timelines. As per the scope of project additional Scalers may be invited to execute projects as per agreed 'Statement of Work'. Submit Projects today to get it executed on time and within budget.


After receiving applications, TapScalers screens management consultants, business experts, independent consultants (Freelancers) and boutique firms before creating verified profile on the platform. Our team reviews applicants and grants access to qualified professionals whose background and expertise align with our vision and customer's need(s). If you believe you can add value to our customer's projects, you may apply to become a verified Scaler.


What is the cost of leveraging TapScalers Platform?

There is no cost to submit projects on TapScalers Platform. Business owners and/or enterprise managers after submitting initial project description on TapScalers platform, enter in a telephonic/in-person discussion with TapScalers's client partner to finalize the scope of work.


Can anyone become a verified Scaler

No, not anyone can become a verified Scaler. Each application goes through multiple layers of scrutiny, in-person/telephonic interview with senior Client Partners and a test in business knowledge before applicants are on-boarded on as a verified Scaler on TapScalers platform.


How is the cost of Project Execution decided?

The TapScalers's Client Partner assigned to the project, in consultation with the client, finalizes the project cost - which depends on various factors including (but not limited to):

1) Scope and size of work

2) Client's original budget

3) Total number & experience of Scalers

4) Timelines (Expedited vs Normal)


How Scalers are paid per Project?

Scalers are paid on per project basis, after consultation with Client Partner (leading the project), depending upon many factors including (but not limited to):

1) Scalers individual contribution to the project

2) Complexity of the project

3) Skill sets required to execute the project

4) Proximity to the client (same city vs remote work)


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