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By: Priya | February 25, 2017

Starting a business is hard. We at TapScalers opened our doors around six months ago, so we understand the growing pains of a typical startup. We get regular queries from our Scalers on how to effectively start a business, and frankly speaking , there is no hard and fast rule, but following factors can help you to smoothen your journey:

How to do startup right  

1) Start with a safety net

The first few months of starting your business are crucial for building credibility and a strong rapport with your current and potential clients. Although making a profit is important, it probably won’t happen immediately. Therefore, plan to have enough capital to keep your business afloat for at least 6 months.

2) Create a business plan but be ready to pivot when required


By: Rakesh | August 23, 2016

Independent Consultant Contract
Independent Consultant Contract

A legally enforceable document is called a Consulting Agreement or a 'Contract'.

You need it when you either:

  • As a business owner or enterprise manager, plan to hire an independent consultant or commonly known as a freelancer, or
  • As a consultant you are planning to get hired (and get paid as well)

In my career, both as a consultant and as a mid-size business owner, I have seen that both parties at some time or the other make mistakes that can cost them not only in terms of dollars but also in precious time! These mistakes can be avoided if you have prior knowledge on how to frame correct 'consulting contracts' either as a business owner or an independent consultant. 

Few pointers that may help you in long run are as follows (non exhaustive list)...

By: Rakesh | August 22, 2016

How we got started

"Well begun is half done" - Aristotle